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This is a list of the recent projects I was involved with for reference:


"wyrmsystems cms"

Development of a low-level CMS / headless CMS which is designed for simplicity and that takes into account the distinction between web developer and site administrator. It is an anti-product to the trend of WYSIWYG and of modular component or theme based site development thus providing skilled web developers a facility to build freely without submitting to the restricting demands of frameworks.


"xibit.info" for xibit / conextra

A guidesystem which lets users describe objects in various multilingual facets e.g. text, audio and video. The serverside App communicator has been built using the wyrmsystems cms as a headless cms. For the development of the iOS-, and Android App, my colleague Markus Hötzinger and me used Xamarin/VisualStudio. The web appearance (front-, and backend) has been built building on the database structure that I defined according to the customer's requirements by the company conextra from Ebensee.


"corvos.eu" for corvos

reinstallment of an existing web appearance customized for a division of the institutes forming the research group horos. The wyrmsystems CMS has been used, that's why the implementation could be dispatched rapidly because the organizational structure of the new division is very similar to the predecessor's. Also we could apply a very similar optical branding.


"horos.at" for horos

The multidisciplinary research group horos situated in Innsbruck. The page has been built using the wyrmsystems cms.


"Native App development iOS/Android" for NDA

The customer offers diagnostic ultrasonic devices.
Building on an existing CMS, an iOS and Android app for training and documentation on the various devices was natively implemented in SWIFT and Java to given designs.


"IPTV GUI development / prototype development" for Ocilion / Ritec

Ocilion, the leading (B2B) provider of individual IPTV complete solutions for all networks in German-speaking countries continuously renews its user interface of IPTV receiver boxes. In the team led by Ritec, the leading software developer in the area Wels, Upper Austria, C#/VisualStudio was used in order to implement the requirements layed out with Jira and Confluence.


"Octopus" for Styria Digital One

Two years of core development,  -maintenance of and support for the Styria-corporation's content management system.


"Ikea-Newsletter" for IT and O

A renewal of the sign-up-process of ikea-family and an interface that lets single stores promote their own gift-specials via the newslettersystem.


"Lensbrowser" for Focus Research & Consulting

A standalone Java-application that helps the user view and edit XML-data, so that it keeps its structure but can be browsed from different points of view/dimensions.


"Locationwatch" for Artoxic

A portal that combines a very simple backend for imprinting the adresses of locations (in this case bars, stages, night-clubs, dance halls, etc.) in order to present them to the visiting user in a sorted manner and, in order to let the user vote the quality of certain aspects of these locations.


„Reengineering Userdatabaseinterface“ for twyn / connex

Reengineering of the older Userdatabaseinterface in Java/JSPs.


"Loacker football" for Loacker (Italy)

Online kickup game with highscorestatistics for the Italian chocolate corporation Loacker.


"Frozen-Fritz" for Peer internet solutions

Online-Jump-and-run-game with play and win functionality for Peer internet solutions.